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Harry/Draco completed fics
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 This is the home of Harry/Draco completed fics. It is a rec yourself site, but you are welcome to recommend other fics you've read and found worthy of reccing. These are the rules of the comm I was able to come up with for now. I maintain the right to change them in the future.
  The List of recs is here.
 The fic you rec here shall be:
  • Harry Potter fanfic of a Harry/Draco (or Draco/Harry) kind.
  • Either longer than 10 000 words or longer than 2 chapters.
  • No WIPs and no fics on hiatus, please, however good they might be. If a completed fic has a sequel that is either a work in progress, unfinished or short fic, you can rec them along with the main rec, but they must be labelled accordingly.

For now, the community is not moderated, but there are a few basic rules for posting in order to preserve all our sanity. If there is a breach of these rules, there will be no warnings, but the post in question will be deleted. Anonymus posting is also allowed for now, I'd like to think I won't need to tighten the security of the comm, but that remains to see.

 What not to post here:
  • No advertisements are welcome, whether for an archive or an RPG.
  • This is not a site to disperse update information about an ongoing fic, even if said fic is the continuation of a completed long fic. - do not rec short fics that cannot be linked to a completed long fic, even if they are by the same author and can be sort of seen as a sequel if you squint and discard half of the story line.
  • Do not rec fics that are not H/D, even if they are sort of pre-slash or subtext. The fics you rec should at least contain a kiss or a strong suggestion for the pairing. You can rec three- or moresomes that have H/D in them. Special allowance to disregard these rules can be requested but it is not guaranted to be given.
  • Please, do not rec fics that are so widely known that possibly everyone has already read them. This comm is mostly for recently completed fics.
 Posting guidelines:
The rec should contain the following data about the fic:
  • Title and Author
  • Rating
  • Warnings
  • One or more links to the fiction. Do not post fics on this comm, only links!!!
Other information your post may include:
  • Additional pairings
  • A short summary
  • Why you liked the fic, but if the description includes spoilers, please put it behind an lj-cut with the text: "spoilers"!
Here is an example of how to post a rec:

Write your own info to the space between the brackets.

Without brackets.

 WIPs: I've recently created a community for reccing WIP-s - in the hope that they are going to be completed one day, and then they can be rec-ed here. To rec a WIP, please go here: hd_wipwatch
  Non-rec posts that are allowed Yes, there are non-rec posts allowed, but keep one in mind: always put the words "non-rec" into the header of the post! and additionally something about what the post contains.
  • Fic search: If you know about a completed fic but don't know the link, you are free to post a search. However, if it is found, you are required to edit the post and make it a real rec-post.
  • Mod post: these will come from me, obviously. I'll try to post the changes in the community.
  • Posts with advices to improve the community: everyone is entitled to make suggestions about things you don't like and want to have changed.
  Comments All kinds of comments are allowed that have to do something with the post, however, alternative links and your opinion of the fic are especially welcome.

No flaming, please. If you have a negative opinion, you are allowed to state it, just not in a style that would hurt other people's feelings.

In the unlikely event another book comes out, and your critique or description contains spoilers, then please put the word SPOILER into the subject line!