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Harry/Draco completed long fics
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Sorry I repost this here!

Some angst fics, please?
Hi there, I'm looking forward to your recommences, some fics include some contends below:

1. Injuried!Draco, Ill!Draco (mental or physical, like disease, injury, tortured, congenital, suicide, raped... Redeem Me by Samayel is a good example), protective! Harry.

2. Harry hurts Draco (MENTAL) by some reasons (break up, Draco has an unrequited love for Harry, misunderstand, unwilling, betray...) and Harry almost lose Draco (or really lose) a.k.a Draco almost died (or really died) (November Rain by Heidi for example)

Thank you so much! Love you all! And sorry if I'm annoying. :(((((
15th-Jan-2013 06:13 pm - [Fic] Tuxedo Angel [bottom!draco, mpreg, one-shot, post-war]
me myself and I
Title: Tuxedo Angel
Format Fic
Author: tryslora
Pairing(s): Draco/Harry, Luna/Rolf, Neville/Hannah, Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~25,500 words
Warnings/Contains: cross dressing, gender bending, mpreg, dubious consent as inspired by alpha/omega dynamics, dark magic, case fic
Notes: This was written for the 2012 round of hd_holidays on Livejournal, as a gift for badcook. She requested alpha/beta/omega dynamics and feminine Draco, and this is I created from her prompt. The title comes from the the Billie Myers song, "Flexible". As always, JK Rowling owns the world and characters of Harry Potter. I just like to do unusual things with them.

Summary: Harry and Neville are looking for the infamous Dragon Lily, a Dark witch active throughout Europe and Asia. Instead, they find the Tuxedo Angel, a beautiful witch performing in Rome. Harry quickly discovers that the Angel is not what she seems, and fights his attraction to her, while both he and the Angel are drawn into a web created by ancient magic that pulls them together, whether they are ready for it or not.

Link(s) to the Fic: on AO3 (only available on AO3 due to length)
24th-Oct-2012 04:57 pm - Sacrilege
Tom Felton
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
6th-Sep-2012 01:51 pm - Minesweeper
me myself and I
Title: Minesweeper
Author: tryslora
Format: Fic
Pairing: Harry/Draco (with side pairings of Hermione/Ron, Hermione/Ron/Harry, Astoria/Draco)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Infidelity (of a sort)
Length: ~17k
Notes: This was written for the Reversathon challenge.
Don’t miss the summer blockbuster Minesweeper, based on the thrilling computer game of the same name!

Three years after the war the curses that were cast during the final battle are bubbling up in the walls of Hogwarts, creating a situation where “mines” are scattered throughout the castle. Harry (as an Auror) and Draco (as a curse breaker) are among those sent in to remove the mines to make Hogwarts safe. But memories of magic are not stable, nor predictable, and the situation very quickly goes awry in unexpected (and explosive!) ways.

Link(s): on AO3 | on Insanejournal
19th-May-2011 11:16 pm(no subject)
me myself and I
Zeroing In by tryslora
Harry goes out for a night on the town, determined to finally lose his virginity, and wakes up in bed with a lovely woman and breasts of his own. Shocked to discover that he has the extremely rare disease of Zerophilia, which makes him change gender when he orgasms, he is even more shocked to find out who else shares this disease.
Word count: 20,000ish
Rating: NC-17 for sexual content
Warnings: genderswap
Link: Zeroing In
Other information: Includes a bit of Harry/Hermione along the way. Sort of. But not exactly. Also, this fic is a crossover with the movie Zerophilia. No infringement is intended, I was just very inspired by the concepts presented in the film and couldn't resist.
purple flower glass blur blurry
by purple_lights 
Summary: It all started with prefect duty.
Word count: 5725
Rating: PG, R(for the last chapter)
Warnings: flangt, hand-job(last chapter), unbeta'd
Other information: This was for the 13 Smutty Days over at hd_seasons 
Part one
Part two
Part three
Part Four
Part five
Part six
Part seven
Part eight
Part nine
Part ten
Part eleven
Part twelve
Part Thirteen
22nd-Aug-2010 10:48 am - Fic: The Art of War
Title: The Art of War
Author: neathsunnyskies
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 20,500
Warnings: Implied violence/torture, language, minor character deaths, major character death -----------> Harry
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JK Rowling; I make no money off them, just write for the pleasure of it.
Summary: There are no happy endings in war (just endings).
Note: This fic goes AU after OotP and dialogue-only. Please adhere to the warnings for each chapter.

Previous chapters are located in my Memories

For complete information/warnings about the entire story, refer to the Background

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen
20th-Feb-2010 02:02 pm - Not A Malfoy Anymore

Title: Not A Malfoy Anymore
Author: brionyjae
Rating: M
Warnings: Slash, character death, near rape
Pairings: HPDM, RWHG on the side

Summary: Lucius Malfoy escapes from Azkaban, and Draco finds himself having to flee to Surrey of all places! As his life changes dramatically, Draco finds someone there he doesn't expect. Will he survive his particularly eventful holidays? Includes: angst as well as pink hair and fluff :D


Enjoy! :)
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